Agile Summer Huddle 2016 – Iteration 2

Days 5-7

With the initial setup over we were able to concentrate on producing usable features during the second iteration. As is often the case when I’m introducing agile development to people who have never done it before, keeping the team focused on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was the hardest part of this iteration.
We ran into some confusion over terms we were using the describe thing during the iteration, the most common being the term “Pin” with some people thinking it was referring to an “IO Pin” on the Raspberry Pi and some thinking it referred to the “Pin Code” used to unlock the door. The confusion were easily overcome by everyone agreeing on terms to use but before we realised it did lead to some interesting and confusing conversations.
We had completed two of the user stories for the customer demo at the end of the iteration. We’d implemented sending SMS messages to the members of Fleet when the door is opened and allowing the door to be unlocked by entering the correct pin code. This meant that we only had one tiny story left in our backlog so we held another 3 amigos meeting to create some more user stories with the customer after the demo.
Issues raised in the retrospective were that everyone needed to commit and merge more often as there were quite a few integration problems and merge conflicts during the iteration.
There was also a request for more Fans as England was going through a mini heatwave and it was very hot in the office.