Agile Summer Huddle 2016 – Iteration 3

Days 8-10

After the successful customer demo from the last sprint we needed some new user stories so started with a Three Amigos meeting to agree the stories with the customer. We created stories to monitor when the defibrillator was taken out of the cabinet and keep the temperature of the cabinet above 5 degrees centigrade so the defibrillator does not get damaged by the cold.

As we’d demonstrated some stories in the previous sprint we discussed what it actually meant for to complete a story and came up with a Definition of Done. The final iteration went fairly smoothly and myself and the other mentors were able to take more of a back seat role with the attendees needing less help.

Geek meetupOn the Thursday night a group of us attended the local Cornwall Geeks meetup. It was a good chance for the Huddle attendees to meet other local software developers and discuss possible local job opportunities. The meetup also had a couple of talks, one by Wo King on a new product he’s launching and one by me about the Summer Huddle and other Software Cornwall events.

Calm before the final demo

Calm before the final demo

The final day was very calm considering we were having our final demo to the customer and potential employers. The release went smoothly as did the demo, well done to Emma who presented the demo.
By the end we managed to get the system:

  • Unlocking the door when the correct pin code is entered
  • Sending SMS messages when the door is opened
  • Sending SMS messages when the defibrillator is removed
  • Keeping the temperature of the inside of the Cabinet above 5 degree centigrade

The customer was happy with the progress and we learnt a lot about what is going to be required for the rest of the project. We’re now considering how we carry on the project after the huddle.

Summer Huddle 2016 Group

Final day group photo

Thanks to everyone who came